Acupressure Therapeutic Massage

Acupressure is part of Chinese medicine and is based on the same principle as Acupunture but without the use of needles. The same pressure points are stimulated along the meridians of the body to dispel energy blockages to allow the body to heal itself and return to optimum condition. A very detailed consultation to determine a suitable treatment plan to encompass Acupressure, Passive Movements, Neuro Muscular work and Polarity to balance the energies of the body, to mobilise the tissues and encourage mobility in the joints. Deep breathing techniques are demonstrated and all aspects of health, nutrition, activity and lifestyle are discussed, looking at prevention and not just cure. The aim is to treat the body as a whole. The techniques used not only initiate a self-healing process but can bring about profound relaxation of body, mind and spirit.
Allow up to 90 mins for first treatment to include initial consultation.

  • Full treatment £65